June 05, 2010

To my sad realization...

I've really neglected my blog here. Then again with the economy and just sticking to my favorite brews, I haven't really found the time, the energy nor the money to try new brews and review them. I hope to rectify that as soon as I can and get things moving here once again.

I do enjoy trying new beers as well as other alcoholic beverages, including whiskys(whiskeys, those not brewed in KY), rum, bourbons, scotch, and even mixed drinks. The list could go on forever but why bore you with listing everything out there on the market?

It is helpful when a suggestion is made to try something new. After all, it can be difficult to pick and choose a good drink. (Trust me, there are some not worth the money to drink!) Horse Swill! THAT sometimes has a better ring to it than whatever you're drinking! I'm sure we've all had that drink that tasted like pee, smelled like a skunk, or was just indescribable! Blah!

So, if something comes to mind for me to try, drop a comment here and tell what it is. I'll be sure to see if I can get here in central Illinois, buy it, taste it, and review it. What else am I going to do anyway? Watch the paint peal? LOL

As always....

Keep a bar stool and a pint ready for me!!!!


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