June 02, 2009

Another Night at the Old Pub Review


New Belgium Mothership wit.....YUCK!

Unpleasant smell and taste. It smelled corny, very unappealing. The color was sandy, grainy, yellowish, reminding you of urine! Just horrible, the Urquell was better beer! A far cry from Fat Tire.


So, instead of finishing that swill, I choose the Mackeson XXX Stout.


A pleasing dark color with roasted malts and chocolate malts aroma. Bitter tasting with a creamy aftertaste. I will drink this again.

Dark Horse Amber Ale


A nice amber color. A malty, creamy taste with not much of an aftertaste. A pleasant surprise.

I tired some of my husband's LandShark.


Don't waste your money. A dead copy of Corona but more bitter, bad with or without the lime. Light color and light head. Poor man had to drink it, yuck.

Black Marlin Porter


Beautiful dark color. 22oz of dark malts and strong hopping. Has a bitter bite but leaves a creaminess on the palate. It's smoother from the bottle and creamier from the glass. Little head after pouring into glass until agitated. I really enjoyed this one.


Anchor Steam

I've had this one before and have enjoyed it. This was another ones of my husband's, but I had a few sips just for the review and refresh my memory.


Very little head with a dark reddish amber color. A roasted, nutty aroma. Has a bitter, hoppy taste and a light creamy , bitter aftertaste.

Until the next view....


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