June 24, 2009

Lion Lager

Unfortunately, I couldn't find an actual website for this brew. Disappointing too, I really wanted to learn more about the company and it's other beers. Maybe later, one will turn up and I can edited this post! :)

So, this will be a fairly short review.

The lager it's self has a light golden hue and a head that starts off good. The bad thing is that it dispenses rather quickly. As for the lacing, well, it's reasonable then appears less and less on the glass.

Loin Lager has a malt aroma and a definite malt flavor than is also creamy. It doesn't have much bitterness, it's a light full body taste. It's refreshing and surprisingly good.

My only disappoints in the beer are the head, lacing, and the lack of a website to really studied up on it's brews. Hopefully, one will be short coming and I can tweak this post.


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