June 02, 2009



American Wheat Ales: Light in color, usually yellow to medium gold. Aroma will be grainy with tones of cirtus and spices. The body will be similar to a light ale without the hops.

Weisse/Weien: The most common form of the wheat beer. Color will be light to medium gold. Should appear cloudy due to the addition of yeast in the bottle. Aroma is noramally characterized by cloves, bubblegum, of banana. The body should be full to medium in character without much hopping.

Wit/White: The rarest of Wheats. Be definition, it must have yeast in the bottle and should be served with the yeast in suspension. This action gives it a shimmering sandy color and appears closer to white in direct sunlight. Aroma is dominated by spices and should be crisp and invigorating.


Christmas/Festival Beer: Specialty beers without limits. These brews should not be compared to their brewers other brands.

Cream Ale: Light to medium gold in color. Should appear to a lager with an aroma of hoppiness, without much fruitness.

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