June 02, 2009

Night at the Old Pub Review

Well, we got to go out for a bit on my husband's birthday and try some new beers. The kicker here is that for his b-day drink, the bar tender sat down a half a glass of Guinness and a Jameson/Bailey mix shot glass! I knew right away what it was...The dreaded ICB! He asked what it was which the bartender told him and we immediately said,"Oh, an Irish Broiler Maker. He said it was good but I was seething.

How can one do that to their Guinness and Jameson, or even Baileys, is beyond me.

The first drink I order was the Celebrator Doppelbock which, of course, they didn't have. What a shame, it's really good.

So, Theaskston Old Perculiar was next my list. It's a dark beer but not bitter. I thought it had a fruity aroma but later came to the conclusion it was nutty. A thick, bold taste but surpisingly smooth with a nutty aftertaste.

Now, my husband tried the Dead Guy Rogue after his birthday "drink". It had a hoppy aroma, very hoppy taste and a bitter aftertaste. I didn't enjoy this beer, nor did my husband, he keep wanting to drink my Old Perculier!

On to the Fuller's 1845 Ale. A nice reddish-amber color, head stays and doesn't dispense quickly. Hoppy, nutty smell with a crisp, robust malty taste. (sorry for the blurred pix)

Breckenridge Avalanche Amber Ale: Amber-red color(in bar light, anyway). Mild hoppy smell, after agitating the aroma seemed corny, grainy. Genererally a great brew with a nutty, bitter, and bold carmelized malts taste with a smooth, mild, and a creamy, bitter aftertaste. I wouldn't have it all the time though.

Until next time...Keep a bar stool open for me.

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