June 01, 2009

Welcome And Sláinte

Welcome to Shamrock's Beer Blog. As a public service for those who don't have that good of taste in beers or newcomers to the world of "beersnobbery", I offer my services here at this blog to educate and inform beer drinkers of young and old (hopefully 21 and older, or as one beer site says "fully fermented"!) true quality, taste, and enjoyment of a nice, refreshing brew.

I do post my own opinion on different ales, lagers, porters, stouts, etc. and yours may vary due to your own likes and tastes, but I hope to give some of you out there an idea for those who just drink the same thing for "trendiness" or indecision.

There are many great beers out there and I hope to provide some insight to the ones I find particularly good and those that I find to be nothing but swill and a waste of money.

Also, I will post news and updates concerning different beers and breweries as well as take requests on occasion, but don't get your hopes up if either it cannot be bought locally or I've already found it to be horrid. (Plus I am taking donations for those drinks that are a little out of range pricewise.)

So enjoy and I hope you have as much fun reading the blog as I do writing (and tasting for it).

Save a pint and a barstool for me.


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