June 02, 2009

Schell's Pale Ale

Now I'm not one who usually enjoys a pale ale or IPA(India Pale Ale), I just can't find one that is really good and enjoyable to drink. I'm always willing to try a new one though, in the hopes of finding one I can enjoy!


Schell's is the only brewery that produces this particular beer style. It was brewed in celebration of the 135th Anniversary of Schell's and was so popular, they re-introduced it under the name German Pale Ale. With the characteristics of an IPA's English malts and hops then combined with a German Alt yeast, it really a hybrid of sorts.

This brew has a good head and a lacing that stays with glass the whole way.



The Pale Ale has a flowery, hop aroma and good flavor. It's spicy and creamy, hoppy and malty and you can even taste the yeast!! Just Excellent!!!

I love the taste, the bitterness of it as a whole and the creaminess of the aftertaste. It's described on it's own site as : "Rich maltiness with a distinct hop bitterness."

Just remember this beer has an ABV of 5.75%, I know that may not sound like much, but when you start drinking, do it responsibly. One ends up ten, then you just forget how incapacitated you really are.

Save me a pint!!!

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