June 02, 2009


Amber Ale: Color ranges from medium gold to deep rust. Aroma should be defined more by the malt than the hopes. The body should be influenced by the malt, and should not wiegh heavy on the palate or stomach.

Belgian-style Ale (Abbey Ale and Trippel) Abbey Ale: Color should be an earthy brown. The aroma should be complex with spices. Varieties will compare to the Trippel. Trippel: Color should be medium gold. The aroma should be medium-dry and sometimes fruity. Varieties will compare to the Abbey Ale.

Bitter: The staple of most Bristish pubs. Bitter has an amber to rust color with an aroma that tends to be leafy if dry hopped, and slightly malty. The body should be softer than a pale ale, and have 3.5% to 5% alcohol content.

Brown Ale: Originated in the norteast region of England, is an easy drinking ale, designed for the end of a hard day's work. It should be brown in color, balanced with a blend of nutty and fruity notes and a woodyiness in American browns. Should also have a certian amount of dryness from the malting.

Canadian Ale: Golden in color and balanced with malt and hops. The aroma can contain fruit, light spice, or grain. The body should be full.

German-style Ale (Alt, Kolsch)

Alt: Color should be a copper brown. Aroma, fresh and lightly fruity. The body will be assertively hopped and therfore bitter.

Kolsch: Golden in color, the aroma shold be hoppy with an earthy notes. The body will be delicate in it's maltiness with a light acidiness from the hopping.

Pale Ale: Though the color is not pale, but lighter than porters and dark ales. The aroma should be hoppy and complex, the American pale ale, ranges in color from deep golden to copper. With the bitterness flavor, the aroma is dominated by hops. Pale ales have medium body, and low-to-medium maltiness.

Stout: Should be deep brown to jet black. The aroma tends to be roasty with a body showing the complexity related to its style.

Strong Ale/Barley Wine: Color is rust to dark brown with a forceful aroma from the heavy hopping. Alcohol content ranges from 8% to 10% with a few at 14%. An important characteristic is that it should not bully the consumer.

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