June 02, 2009

Unibroue Maudite - Canada

Unibroue Maudite, the damned one


According to the site that's is under construction - http://www.unibroue.com/products/maudite.cfm

Maudite has a typically Quebecois name that is reminiscent of the legend of
the Chasse-Galerie (the legend of the Flying Canoe). Legend has it that a group
of lumberjacks struck a deal with the devil to fly home in their canoes, guided
by Satan himself, to make it home in time for Christmas.

In November 1992 Maudite (the damned one), was the first strong beer to
be distributed in Quebec grocery stores. It contains 8% ABV and is
also the first beer brewed in America that improves with age(God, I hope so!). When
served young, it is very smooth, but when served after several years of
storage, its flavor is reminiscent of port. Maudite is a
mahogany-colored, rich-tasting premium beer that has a distinctive,
complex taste.(It does??? They must mean, hard to figure out.)


Because of the warmth it releases, this strong character
beer must be served cool but not cold. Perfect with pasta, red meats,
stews and spicy dishes, it also makes a good aperitif and after-dinner


It's a strong red ale that is refermented in the bottle on a yeast base. I found it to have an odd smell and taste. All malt?? Or grainy, perhaps, friuty? The site has the taste as a subtle coriande, light spices and a hint of hops with a spicy aroma. I had some trouble to determinate any particular aroma or taste of this beer.

The aftertaste was easier to figure out, creamy. It also gave a bitter tingling at the back of the throat. All in all, I wasn't impressed, even though the bottle had a cool label.


Not something I'll be drinking again. Hardly any head or lacing on the glass. It appears cloudy, almost muddy looking. In fact, it was nearly the same color of the bar's counter top! Maybe, the pub served it at the wrong temperature. All I can say is.....

I wish I would have asked how much it was but since I was running a tab on Guinness, it slipped my mind. Next time when it's Guinness Night at the pub, I'll stick to my 3 dollar pints of Guinness! Shame on me!!!!!

Until the next review....Happy brew hunting!

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