June 02, 2009


Bock: A strong brew of German origin. Traditionally ember-rust to deep purple in color. The aroma is sweet and the body should be complex with tones of chocolate, mocha, and spices.

Dunkel: A dark lager by definition. The color will range between medium to dark brown. The aroma should be malt dominated with a balance of floral hopping. The body will be malt dominated with a mildly sweet or spicy character.

Malt Liquor: A strong Lager by definition. The color will be light to medium gold. Aroma will be malty and without complexity. They are not brewed to be coy.

North American Lager: The Lager style roughly accounts for 98% of all the beer sales in America. Color should range from light yellow to light gold and have sweet, grainy aromas.

Pilsner/Pils: Color should be light gold with a hoppy aroma. The body should be drier than most brews.

Vienna Lager: Color ranges from traditional amber-red to medium gold and a light brown. Aroma will be dominated by malt with additions of spices. The body should be smooth, graceful, and spicy.

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