June 02, 2009

Steel Reserve 211

"Extra malted barley and select hops for extra gravity. Slow brewed for exceptionally smooth flavor." Or at least that's what the can says.


I forgot how I didn't really enjoy the taste of it. I don't care what the can says, it's 24oz of crap! Good thing it was only a buck 70! I guess that's the appeal of Steel Reserve 211, cheap, high alcohol content, and packaging. If you're looking to just get drunk, then the 8.1% abv should do the trick. If you're looking to drink something great, don't be fooled, this is not the beer for that.

Steel Reserve is sold in 40oz bottles, single-serving 24 oz cans(as seen above, 22oz bottles, 16oz cans in packs of four or six, and 12oz cans in
packs of six or twelve. The "211" on the label is the medieval symbol for steel and appears only on Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager. The term "High Gravity" refers to the term "specific gravity", a measurement used to quantify the percentage of alcohol in a fermented beverage.

The claim on the label suggest, "We use nearly twice the ingredients of many normal Lagers and brew for over twice as long as many quality beers." The packaging once proclaimed that it was brewed for 28 days, the brewer has since replaced the "28 days" stamp on the label with an "S/R".


Well, I poured it into a glass for color and aroma testing. There's a lot of carbonation bubbles that come up from the bottom of glass, but the head dispenses quickly. Golden yellow in color with not much of an aroma, corny I would say, but more than likely it's the barley.

The taste is very malty and very barley, it says it right on the can! HA! It has a strange aftertaste, creamy???? Definitely malty and very bitter. Not something easily enjoyed, not by me anyway.

As you can see here...
not much lacing is left on the glass, usually a sign of a poor quality beer. This is definitely a malt liquor and a poor drinking beer at best.

For the inexperienced beer drinking, this beer is only good for two things....Price and alcohol content. Other than the nice packaging, I'd rather pour it into a toilet!

So much for Steel Reserve 211. Photobucket

On edit: I was over at my liquor store to pick up some lotto tickets and found out I could have bought this swill for $1.19!!!!!! That makes me sick to think about nearly paying 2 bucks for this when I could have gotten it cheaper!!!! Oh, well, it's still crap and wouldn't buy again anyway.

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